4 eBooks for Today's Entrepreneurs

Whether you're in IT or the finance industry, these reads will impart valuable knowledge that you can incorporate into your practice.

4 eBooks for Today's Entrepreneurs

Reading is a habit that separates CEOs from everyone else. For example, Bill Gates tries to read one book a week, while the average American reads one book per year. Even Mark Zuckerberg makes time for an online book club while balancing his responsibilities leading Facebook. Similarly, aspiring entrepreneurs must make it a habit to improve their brain function, communication skills, and enhance their creativity by reading books.

Having no time doesn’t excuse you from this! Entrepreneurs who are busy with their startups can learn anytime and anywhere with the help of eBooks. You can even enhance your entrepreneurial skills by adding these eBooks to your reading list.

The $100 Startup

If you’re wondering how you can build your own business, look for inspiration in The $100 Startup. To write this book, author Chris Guillebeau looked for 1,500 individuals who founded a business with very little starting capital — most with $100 or less. Then, taking their knowledge and wisdom with him, Guillebeau wrote this book. The final product is a series of case studies that can help you discover how to go beyond your limits and make a living through your creativity as an entrepreneur. If you're looking for that final push to enter the entrepreneurial world, this book should do the trick! It also comes in audiobook form, so you can listen to it on the go.

The Phoenix Project

If you are interested in software development, get inspired to improve your development skills by reading The Phoenix Project. This best-selling eBook is relatable for entrepreneurs in IT because it discusses the challenges of troubleshooting and streamlining a broken system. In fact, writer Mike Orzen praised The Phoenix Project for this exact reason. The novel captures realistic pain points in DevOps, but since you’re observing these challenges from a safe environment, you can learn of the solutions that successfully foster collaboration between development and operational teams — minus the stress!

The Future Is Faster Than You Think

You know you’re in for a substantial read when one of the authors, Peter H. Diamandis, has successfully founded more than twenty high-tech companies. Along with peak performance expert Steven Kotler, the two New York Times bestselling authors of Abundance and Bold unveil another work that will serve as a guide for the business industry for the coming years. According to reviews, The Future is Faster Than You Think provides a dynamic overview of the rapid technological advancements that you can expect over the next decade. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can use this knowledge to forecast the unique needs and lifestyles of consumers of the future.

Do It Now: Overcoming Procrastination

Add this audiobook to your list right now because, otherwise, you might forget. The Associated Press ranked Do It Now: Overcoming Procrastination as one of the top 10 audiobooks in the US for a good reason. After all, it is important to know your enemy. This book successfully does that by helping you learn why your mind delays important tasks up to the last minute. And once you gain a better understanding of yourself, this book will serve as a guide to overcoming bad habits. By becoming the master of your own mind, you’ll be able to accomplish more as an entrepreneur.

Successful CEOs like to read because they can get information and inspiration from books. Similarly, you can learn how to overcome challenges and build a successful business by reading these eBooks. Whether you're in IT or the finance industry, these reads will impart valuable knowledge that you can incorporate into your practice.