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No-Code Nov 03, 2020

Hey! So, it's been a while since we started with this dream of ours of democratizing knowledge on software development. We decided to bet on the No-Code approach to achieve it, and we still believe is the right path. We are developing new courses, we launched HelloGuru Labs, we are doing lots and lots of stuff. But it has been a while since we talk about No-Code itself. I thought it would be nice, then, if I compiled some of our past entries on the subject, so you can catch up with what you haven't read (if you're new), or remember some of the stuff you might have forgot (if we're lucky enough to have had you for this long).

So let's get to it.

What is No-Coding?

A brief but very comprehensive explanation on what this approach, this whole movement is. All passed down from HelloGuru's founder, Pipe Abello. You want to get to the core of what No-Code is about and what we intended to do from the early early days? This entry is definitely for you, then.

What is No-Coding?
Little by little, No-Code tools are taking over the world. Learn why and how to make the most of them here!

'Dreams', for PS4, is a No-Code Dream (kind of)

OK, so now you know or remember what No-Code is. It is still very abstract, though, right? Well, what better than understanding through examples? At the time of posting this entry 'Dreams' was not out yet, but it is as of today, and you can experience what it feels to create without some of the bigger hustles that may come with that when doing it traditionally.

‘Dreams’, for PS4, is a No-Code Dream (kind of)
The game by Media Molecule transcends the mere level editor from our childhood games and takes it to a whole new level.

First Steps in No-Code

"Now let's play one scenario in our heads. You actually are a beginner. You've been dabbling here and there on forums and Twitter for information on No-Code, but you have never made anything on any of the platforms. Great! But where to begin?" Guess you'll have to check the entry to find out, right? 🤷

First Steps in No-Code
Yeah, No-Code is great and all, but...uh, where do we start?

The Disaster Artist (or how to anticipate No-Code errors)

Bugs and errors can be incredibly frustrating. Even more so when you can't quite figure where they are hiding. If you are trying out this No-Code approach it is very likely that you are non-technical, so that is why in this entry you might find some jargon-free tips and tricks on how to anticipate bugs and errors in a No-Code context. Check it out!

The Disaster Artist (or how to anticipate No-Code errors)
Some things are just inevitable, so we might as well be prepared.

Just Thinking 'bout the future (of No-Code)

Some estimations say that it's possible that by the end of next year (2021) there will be more products launched with No-Code than with traditional coding. That's insane! It's such a short amount of time. But when you think of it, it really seems likely to happen. Read about what may or may not be the future of the movement. Maybe you can contribute something to it.

Just Thinking ’bout the future (of No-Code)
What will happen with No-Code in the next few years?