A Taste of What Makes Us Unique

HelloGuru Sep 23, 2021

We’ve been updating you lately on everything that’s going on at HelloGuru. From our website news you found out that we are developing a brand new tool, geared towards internal use in companies and organizations. You might know a thing or two about it from our site and hopefully you are as excited about it as we are! If you are, please be my guest and join our waiting list for early access. If you are somehow still on the fence about it, let me show you a few ways in which we might differentiate from other alternatives.

This is a first taste of what makes our tool truly unique.

HelloGuru -The Modern Way to Build Internal Tools
HelloGuru creates your website, mobile app, or whatever software you can imagine with a No-Code approach. Faster, affordable and professional.

We know that building your own API can be time consuming and might take some technical knowledge to achieve. If we really want to give this platform to citizen developers and teams with no traditional programming background, it shouldn’t be harder than setting up a social media account. That’s why we’ve made great efforts to make it possible for users to just enter some credentials and connect right away to your database of choice.

Also, what’s up with writing queries? To be truly No-Code, we are designing a digestible and seamless way in which we handle the structures and users only have to set up some filters, so that they can find what they need from the database without having to write some very specific set of numbers, letters and brackets.

Perhaps because internal tools stay, well, inside the company and exist mainly for practical reasons, design doesn’t seem to be much of a priority for many of the platforms that allow users to create internal solutions: both, for the tool they end up making, and for the visual interface they will use to create it.

But we strongly believe that working in an uninspired gray room, or a cluttered and messy space will bring different results than doing that same thing in a vibrant and appropriate setting. That’s what we want to create with our canvas. A lean, clean and exciting place that will excite you to start your internal tool, as well as the flexibility and power to never hold you down, but to lift you up.

You want to know more? Stay tuned and join our waiting list so that you make sure you are not missing any updates!