Allow yourself to be amazed

Maybe it's because of the times we live in, or because of globalization, or the constant media consumption, but we have been desensitized.

Allow yourself to be amazed

On Monday, September 14, astronomers discovered signs of what could be life on Venus. LIFE! Outside Earth! It is obviously too soon to tell, and there's skepticism around it (as it should), but still, it is absolutely MIND-BLOWING!

This news reminded me of something that usually bugs me, and that, believe it or not, relates also to the world of software development and innovation itself. Maybe it's because of the times we live in, or because of globalization, or the constant media consumption —probably all of the above—, but we have been desensitized: we no longer feel amazed.

The things that we've accomplished as a civilization are amazing! They are absolutely not free of criticism, but hey! there's a space probe outside our solar system. There are cars on Mars. We can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world via signals that go to frickin' space! But our usual answer is, at best, "oh, cool I guess" and at worst "this damn cellphone is useless". As a comedian once said: Can you give it a minute?! It's going to space and back!!

Of course I'm prone to this as well. Just last week someone showed me some artificially generated voices for VOs, and I was like 'not bad, but it still feels too synthetic'. WHAT? These are voices that are being brought out of pure data! It is amazing (it is scary, actually, but amazing nonetheless)!

And No-Code is something that definitely should make our jaws drop too. Just think about something like Webflow. For the longest time, developers have written every single letter for any software they would need. They still do! But then something like Webflow comes along and says "hey, what if you can still have every letter written, as you like, but you don't have to actually write? What if you visualize it, as you would if you worked on Photoshop or any design software?" And that is something genius!

What about something like Glide? To just think that we live in a time where every single person can build an app (a word that wouldn't make much sense a decade ago) in minutes using google sheets (don't make me start on clouds and drives) is insane!

But we've normalized this stuff, and I can't blame you either. We are constantly overwhelmed with new products and developments every minute of every day, and we get lost in this humongous sea of amazing discoveries and inventions.

But if every once in a while, if every, let's say, time astronomers discover something new and exciting, we allow ourselves to take distance, to separate from the time we are living, perhaps we will appreciate more where we are, and what we've done. It is certainly not a minor thing, and we certainly shouldn't treat it as such.

Your project is a big deal, what you've done is a big deal. Allow yourself to be amazed.