Case Study: Sales Hunters

Sales Hunters is a Boston-based company that focuses on identifying and recruiting the right sales talent for companies through research, experience, and AI technology.

Case Study: Sales Hunters

Finding an ideal sales team is hard, especially when you are a founder who doesn’t have all the experience in the field. You don’t know what skills you need, what seniority your salespeople should have, and what performance metrics to look at. Thankfully, that’s where a company like Sales Hunters can come in to assist.

Sales Hunters is a Boston-based company that focuses on identifying and recruiting the right sales talent for companies through research, experience, and AI technology.

What problem did Sales Hunters have?

Sales Hunters came to HelloGuru with a problem that started with being able to get data insights on sales teams’ performance in an easy manner. They were using Google Data Studio, but capabilities were limited, data was disorganized, and it was really hard to make transformations. Tsveti, Operations Manager at Sales Hunters, knew there had to be a better way of getting the data they needed and that is how they found HelloGuru.

Sales Hunters customers’ use either HubSpot or Salesforce as their CRM, and they must report to their customers on how the sales team they’ve recruited is performing. This means for Tsveti getting metrics like Email Opens, Calls made, and Opportunities created, among many others.

Another desired insight that SalesHunters wanted to grasp was Sentiment Analysis, both from emails and calls that sales agents are making. The idea around this is to create a traffic light system, where calls and emails are classified as positive, neutral, or negative, and they would be aggregated in a dashboard that’s easy to visualize.

“We wanted to be more efficient, but also try out a new system in which we could categorize sentiment analysis, but just getting the insights was taking all our time and effort” - Tsveti Nedelcheva

After getting these metrics, information had to flow back to the customer’s CRM, whether it is HubSpot or Salesforce, in order for the client to take action on their sales reps performance. Actions could be simple, such as changing the subject line on an email sequence, in order to boost open rates. Others could be more related to training and enablement, such as providing training to a rep on their phone skills, based upon the sentiment analysis of the calls they made.

Sales Hunters previous process. In certain occasions they had to share spread sheets with clients after not being able to get the right reporting. 

What did HelloGuru do?

One of the first things HelloGuru got the chance to do to improve Sales Hunters’ workflow was to provide the ability to connect all the company’s client’s CRMs in one single place. For this, we added a data warehouse where data could be centralized and then loaded to our HelloGuru tool for the data manipulation. Through this modification, Tsveti could now be able to get the dashboards she needed with the required data transformations.

It was through HelloGuru’s tool that we could also provide the appropriate framework for them to develop the system for sentiment analysis. By having access to the text data they can now easily classify the data as positive, negative or neutral in their traffic light method.

A visualization of Sales Hunters' new traffic light system

Finally, HelloGuru allowed Tsveti and the whole Sales Hunters team to plug information back into the client's CRM. Both open rates, click rates and other important metrics, as well as the sentiment analysis. This is crucial, as we know that the epicenter for the actions they will take going forward with the insights they got through the previous steps is, and should remain to be their CRM.

How did this benefit Tsveti and the Sales Hunters team?

In the end, the goal of this process is not to merely change systems for the sake of changing. By doing these improvements, HelloGuru is actually enabling Sales Hunters to scale by becoming more a product business rather than a service business. Through these modifications, both Sales Hunters and their customers can be truly data-driven and data-informed and get to the real issue: make their customers more successful.

Their new process with HelloGuru. A streamlined pipeline with everything they need, including their traffic light system for sentiment analysis.