HelloGuru's First Offsite

Read this blog entry to find out what this means for HelloGuru and its future in the No-Code world.

HelloGuru's First Offsite

Hi, I'm Felipe Abello, founder and CEO of HelloGuru.

This time I thought I'd take this space to tell you about what we're doing at HelloGuru during these weeks, and why it's such a big deal to us. I hope Sergio, our regular writer on this blog, doesn't mind too much 👀 (and don't mind me using emojis!)

Right now we are in Pamplona, in Norte de Santander, Colombia. We are not in Spain, and I make this clarification because people tend to confuse these locations.

We got here with the technology and product teams to spend two weeks on the planning and future of HelloGuru. Big words, I know, but what exactly does that mean, and why are we here, specifically? I'll try to answer these questions as best I can.

First of all, our base of operations during these days: We decided to come to Pamplona for a special reason. You see, few in the world know this, perhaps even few in Colombia, but the reality is that Pamplona, Norte de Santander, is a sort of hidden gem.

A town about two hours from the nearest airport, Pamplona has become in recent years a university area where programmers and software engineers of the highest caliber come out of! Many of our best developers have come out of the University of Pamplona and reside here. So what better opportunity to get to know this place, than this HelloGuru offsite.

And this, by the way, is the first face-to-face meeting we have had as a company. Being an organization with its roots in remote work (which started this way even before the pandemic), we had to navigate many variables in the beginning: connectivity issues, communication issues, team building, etc., and now we can start to see what on-site can offer us. This is a very unique and interesting situation, considering that many organizations were forced to make the opposite transition with the advent of Covid-19.

Additionally, this became the opportunity for many of us to finally meet face to face. This has allowed us to enter into completely new and different social and work dynamics, and although we will continue to have remote work as a base, this has been a very rewarding experience so far, especially to discuss ideas and think of new possibilities. All, of course, following safety guidelines.

And now I will answer what you really want to know: what we are doing here.

After two years of teaching how to use No-Code tools, and creating software with them, the next logical step —the evolution, if you will— was to create our own software: our No-Code Tool.

Given the experience with past customers, especially with big companies, we noticed their need for a No-Code tool with which they could easily build internal tools such as CRMs, dashboards, back-offices, or any tool that would allow a company to organize its team or workflows from the inside. And that need is what we want to meet with HelloGuru.

To do this, we have several actions planned for this offsite. The first will be to train members of our team on the technologies we will be using for this project. We will also be jumping on calls with experts from infrastructure, front-end, back-end, architecture, and more. We're going to be bringing in guests who will not only talk to us about technology, but also about entrepreneurship, building products, innovative technologies like blockchain.... all kinds of stuff.

They will help us solve many doubts and define the many aspects of our product, and we fervently believe that we all move forward when we all help each other. We are all sitting on the shoulders of giants, with the goal of someday being the giant that leans his shoulder to help bring a new idea to life. For this, we appreciate the support of all those who will be part of this process.

What we are facing, then, is an enormous beast of a project. It makes us nervous, of course, but above all it creates a lot of excitement. We are confident and grateful with our team and with the opportunity we have, and we hope to be able to tell you more details about this new stage of HelloGuru very soon.