How HelloGuru got rid of the “black box” in software development?

Now you can know what's happening with your software solution at all times. No more black boxes!

How HelloGuru got rid of the “black box” in software development?

At a certain point, we’ve all had to hire an agency or some kind of contractor to do a project for us, whether it is a marketing campaign, build a website or create your app. Your team has no time or resources to do this, so you hire somebody with the experience and expertise to do this.

However, there is one pain point we’ve all experienced when hiring these. I’m talking of course about lack of transparency and visibility. Once you hire your agency or contractor, you give them all the details about your project. Now, the ball is on their side and it’s time for them to get to work and deliver on the specified date. But how exactly can you know what is happening?

The issue here is that during the production process, there is no transparency on how the project is being carried out. There is no visibility of how the project is doing, what milestones have been achieved, and how much time it is taking, you just get radio silence. And no one wants that when they’re paying by the hour!

The project becomes a “black box”, a mysterious procedure where you’re expected to just wait and see what the outcome is. It could be great, but it could also be terrible, and the worst part is, you don’t have any control over what is happening.

As a project owner, you want to see the progress of the project you’re outsourcing. You want to provide feedback, resources and anything needed, because at the end, it is your goals that depend on what will be delivered, and it is your responsibility to prove the ROI of outsourcing that project.

At HelloGuru, we created the solution for this: the “Guru Portal”, a place where clients, PMs and No Coders have full visibility of what is going on and how much time is taking. Inside the portal, you’ll be able to see all the information pertaining to your project and an easy way to get in touch with the team involved in it.

Once signed in, you will see a summary containing a description, who is involved, and the estimated time of completion. In addition, you will see a messages tab where you can communicate in a frictionless manner using chat with the PM in charge of your project.  

But the experience doesn’t finish there. We already have the transparency but where is the visibility?

Well, if you jump over to the project status and activity tabs, you’ll see how each section of your project is being carried out. Under project status, you’ll see every single feature you requested, it’s progress, attachments, and comments the team has left for you. Next, in the activity tab, there is a detailed timesheet, containing every time slot your No Coder and PM worked on your project, as well as a total number of hours.

With the GuruPortal, there are no mysterious procedures and no surprises. No more black boxes.

We believe that in this modern buyer-centric world, customers have all the power, and therefore, must have full visibility into what you're doing. And you, as the vendor, must provide full transparency, so that expectations are met. That is just how things are supposed to be, wouldn’t you agree?

How are you building transparency at your business?