How to make the most of a lock-down?

If you are fortunate enough, you should make the most out of your time home.

How to make the most of a lock-down?

I’ve written and erased this paragraph ten times. Perhaps more. I want to write responsibly, but I don’t want to contribute to the panic. Ok, let’s do this.

HelloGuru entry: take 11 (probably).

Hi Guys! I know it’s tough out there, and by there I mean almost everywhere. Now is the time to take this seriously and responsibly. It’s also the time to be aware enough to not spread the panic or the virus. And perhaps, for those of you who can do it, is the time to make the most out of this unfortunate situation.

Right now there are waiters and waitresses, doormen, mechanics, delivery guys, and many more who have to go out and do their job so that they can eat and feed their families. There are also sick parents, daughters, brothers, aunts. There are kids who can’t go to school because they closed. And then, there’s us: a fortunate portion of people who can work from home and who is healthy. We, as part of that population, have two things in our hands: responsibility and opportunity.

First and foremost, there’s the responsibility part. I won’t be lecturing any of you, but you know what to do: stay home and stay safe.

As for the opportunity part, well, there’s a lot you can do. The obvious thing is to make the most out of your time inside your house. This can mean a lot of things: spend quality time with your family, read the books you promised yourself you would read, start learning a language, reorganize your house or your room, start making plans on a new business idea...just make the most out of this.

Developers, makers and No-Coders are already doing this, and so could you. Perhaps your stay-in plan involves helping others. Well, here’s some inspiration. Justin Mares and Brent Summers launched Give Local, an initiative to help small businesses, like restaurants, survive through this crisis. There’s also this Bubble app in development to help find testing locations for COVID-19. Or how about these guys that 3D printed valves for reanimation devices for a hospital in Italy? Maybe there’s something you too can do from your field of expertise. And, who knows? Maybe No-Code tools can help you put that knowledge out there quick and easy.

Also, if you run a company, take this opportunity to help out. Seek those who might need your services and don’t be a jerk and charge more just ‘cause you can. Just look at what Webflow is doing, because it’s awesome. As always, be like Vlad, be like Webflow.

So, yeah. This one was a short one, encouraging you to keep going, keep alive your dreams and digital endeavors but, most of all, for now, keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.