In No-Code, the triumph of one is the triumph of all

It is important to remember that the triumph of one player is the triumph of the whole team. Let's all help pave the path!

In No-Code, the triumph of one is the triumph of all

In recent days, the No-Code community got huge news. Bubble, one of the main players of this movement, announced that they closed a 100M round of investment, led by Insight Partners. This, I repeat, is huge. It’s great to hear time and time again that the No-Code approach is being taken more and more seriously over time (the last couple of months have been crazy, with Adalo, Obviously AI, and now Bubble, to mention a few) and I think it is important to remember that the triumph of one player is the triumph of the whole team.

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It’s not a new idea, but sometimes we have to actively try to remember that when someone in our industry is thriving, this shouldn’t be a cause for envy or frustration, but should be an occasion for celebration. When one player is doing well, that gives exposure to the community, which then might translate into another player doing well (read: close a round of investment), which again leads to exposure, and so on and so forth. You get it, it’s a cycle.

And we are seeing that already. In Martech 2030, Five Trends in Marketing Technology for the Decade of the Augmented Marketer, guess which is the FIRST trend in which marketers should keep their eyes peeled. That’s right, it’s No-Code and Citizen Developers. So we know the community is being observed and people from the outside are getting more and more curious and are having higher expectations than ever before in what we all do. So, again, it’s great to see A-Players like Bubble get investment so they can continue to help pave the path for No-Code and disruptive technologies.

Also, I think it is a perfect time to reflect upon ourselves as a community, taking into account that this is definitely a strength of this movement. No-Code has opened the path to people from different backgrounds, educations and approach, and has been characterized for being helpful and collaborative amongst its members or users, and that is no small feat, especially in the world of today.

Community development is key for basically everything we do online, and thankfully No-Code has had the upper hand on that from the very beginning. According to GWI “since 2015, consumers have become more keen to advocate brands that make them feel involved, or let them feel like they’re in a one-to-one relationship” and I think that is very much the case with this industry. Not only is it easy to connect with people from No-Code tools or resources, you can also contact, watch, learn and discover lots of things from experts, influencers and forums. And it all feels close and genuine, as opposed to distant, cold and extremely corporate or bureaucratic. Let’s work to keep it that way!

This aspect of industries is also very important nowadays, as customers/users/clients now want to be part of the decision making process. And the brands that have a strong community behind definitely leverages from that, as they are able to update, modify, and grow into what their users actually want.

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We shouldn’t forget Alexis Ohanian’s (co-founder of Reddit) words from a few years ago, “What people seem to be clamoring for more and more now is community.”

So let’s all be an active part of ours. In HelloGuru we believe that we should celebrate the victories of our colleagues, and also hopefully be in a position to give a hand to them if times are tough.

Let’s rise up together.