It's All Fun and Games

No-Code Mar 08, 2021

Yeah, it's all fun and games until… wait, until what? With No-Code it is actually all fun and games! This week I'm talking of course about game development using No-Code tools. Awesome, right? Not everything has to be a super serious, grounded business. Sometimes you can just have some fun creating 2-D or 3-D video games. And sometimes, if the stars are aligned, you can have a super serious, grounded, successful business by making fun 2-D or 3-D video games.

That's the dream right? If it is for you, well, it's closer than ever!

Video game design and creation used to be something almost related to wizardry. How do people do it? How do I learn to do it? It was something that only a handful could actually do and it would be possible in maybe a couple of countries. If you weren't born there or couldn't afford to travel and train yourself in any of these places, your chances of creating video games were very very slim. And if you somehow defied the chances, you would then have trouble releasing said game.

But the industry is so radically different right now. Social media and Internet helped democratize some of this knowledge and when the mobile era started, the gaming industry blew up and thousands of possibilities were now available. Add to this the rise of No-Code and you have the perfect storm.

Create flow-charts with Unity and Playmaker or drag-and-drop with BuildBox. You choose your weapon. The learning curve has never been lower so what are you waiting for? Start creating your platformer, your puzzle game or even your FPS. Who knows? Perhaps you could create the next Among Us.

See you next time!