Don't be productive, take a nap

Then come back and make the next big thing!

Don't be productive, take a nap

This week I’m going to contradict myself. I’m going to take my racing car and start driving in the opposite direction of what I said a couple of weeks ago. So just bear with me.

Perhaps you can make the best out of this lock-down situation. And that’s great. But maybe you are low on energy. Or maybe you don’t feel like creating anything. Basically, you want to use your free time doing absolutely nothing. Not creating, not learning a new language, not developing any new ideas. Nothing at all. And, honestly, that’s perfectly fine.

We’ve been taught to be productive every second of every minute of every day of our lives. Since we were little: Go to school, now homework, now piano lesson! Carpe diem! Shouts the middle school student who just discovered philosophy. Well, not today Alex. Not by any means.

Sometimes slacking is valuable, and should be considered as such. This is not to say that you shouldn’t get up to work, or that you should overlook your obligations. What I mean is that perhaps your brain and your whole being needs a break too. A space to do nothing and just rest, more so in this context. We should stay positive and active, but it’s completely understandable if one day you just worry about the world too much and that freezes you creatively, emotionally.

Sometimes it’s ok to take a break. Just remember that it is only that. A break. So go take a nap and then go back to creating that new No-Code app that will change the world.

Oh, and while you’re resting, you might want to check out this site prepped by Girls' Night In!

See you next week!