Just Thinking 'bout the future (of No-Code)

What will happen with No-Code in the next few years?

Just Thinking 'bout the future (of No-Code)

Some estimations say that it's possible that by the end of next year (2021) there will be more products launched with No-Code than with traditional coding. That's insane! It's such a short amount of time. But when you think of it, it really seems likely to happen. The stuff from guys like Glide, or the (hopefully) soon to be released Play, are truly game changers in the ease of use area, as were Zapier, Webflow and Bubble a couple years ago, and Wordpress and Wix before that. My point is: everyday we're getting some new platform to create without having to code. Heck, even Amazon is betting on No-Code now.

So, with that in mind, we're very close to say that the sky is the limit for non-technical builders, and that's exciting! Vlad Magdalin, Co-founder and CEO of Webflow, believes that "only 10% of all the SaaS services have been created so far. I think there are so many more that are kind of locked away right now because it's so hard to build". But if that barrier was to disappear, what would we get? Can we even conceive what types of stuff we'll see in the future regarding No-Code? Every time I think stuff like hmm, I wonder what the future will look like, I think of the Ghost in the Shell movie (the original, not the Scarlett Johansson one) and its very cool but very unpractical fingers to just like...type...faster?

So what'll it be? What can't be done right now with No-Code?

One of its main cons regards security, because this relies on the platform you are using to create your whatever-it-is you are creating. Does that have a solution?

Also, there's the stuff with the source code, which most of the times you don't own because, again, you are making your creation in someone else's platforms and playing through its logic. Can that eventually change? Is it really necessary that it does?

And, well, also... when No-Code becomes mainstream, will it get more and more specialized? Will there be No-Code tools for, I don't know… music synthesizers? Animation? Transportation?

This entry is really just some big stare at the stars and a sigh for better things to come.

Do you have any idea of what will come next? What would your ideal tool would look like?

Let us know!