New Course! Obviously AI

Learn all about data science and machine learning with this new HelloGuru course!

New Course! Obviously AI

That's right! a new course about data science, machine learning, and, of course, the No-Code tool Obviously AI, is now part of our catalog! But wait, what does this means? Data science? Machine learning? What are all these words?

Well, for starters, with this new HelloGuru course you will learn what all these words mean and, more importantly, how to make use of them. You will be able to understand what data science and machine learning are, and why No-Code helps with these in such an amazing and useful way. It goes without saying that all of this will be learned by using Obviously AI's platform.

This California based No-Code tool allows you to build and run AI models for data prediction in a matter of minutes and with an easy and comprehensive visual interface. It is also important to add that recently Obviously AI received 3.6M in seed funding, so you know that your future predictions are in the hands of a professional and very promising tool.

Don't think twice and sign up to this new course! You can use our code obviouslyguru to get a launch discount. See you there!

Obviously AI Course
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