A New HelloGuru

No-Code Dec 08, 2020

The year is coming to an end and we have reasons to get excited! Despite everything that has happened during 2020 and what came with a global pandemic, we are fortunate enough to say that it has been an incredible year for HelloGuru, and that things seem to only get better. That means it will get better for you too. Yes, you! After months of lessons learned, successes and some constructive criticism, we think we are able to talk about what comes next and what that will mean for our users and students.

"Education has always been the core of our company, and it'll still be a very important pillar of what we will do as of now", says Felipe Abello, founder and CEO of HelloGuru.

That, I think, is a good place to start.

Yes, education: Since we launched our Bubble Certificate, we have received lots and lots of great comments from students, and people are constantly asking for more content, obviously. You may rest assured that will be the case. Not only are more courses coming your way, but we are also improving the one that's already released. So, if education is what matters to you, we got you!

Photo by LagosTechie / Unsplash

But, by any means, that's not all we have to say.


What if you could monetize what you just learned by completing our courses? Would be awesome, right? And it will be a possibility in the near future, thanks to our soon to be released job board. So, let's say you completed our Bubble Certificate course. Well, then you would have unlocked some skills to work on real-life projects curated by us, and you would get payed for that, which is nice, if I may say.

Finally, but most definitely not least, we will start giving the spotlight to what some of you initially knew as HelloGuru Labs. Although we will still have courses, and will be super focused on having the best content that we can provide, we want to shift our main focus to making your life easier and be your software providers. Need an e-commerce, a website or a mobile app? No problem. You need them fast and without breaking the bank? Again, we got you.


HelloGuru will
-Make your software fast and affordable

-Allow you to make money by using your No-Code skills

-Still make awesome courses

So what do you think? We will be answering some of the main questions you might have regarding these changes, but for now, we just hope you are as excited as we are.