No-Code in 2021

It is early 2021 and we are already seeing exciting stuff.

No-Code in 2021

Since we started talking about No-Code, we've stated that there are predictions in which the No-Code and Low-Code movement will grow more and more each year. It is early 2021 and we are already seeing stuff. People are on hunt for new tools that might make their businesses' life easier. They need software that automates, they need shorter times of development, they need to iterate. And, well, that’s the whole point of this thing we are in, isn’t it?

Take airSlate, for example. This company is leading in No-Code business automation solutions, and on January 12 they closed a 40 million dollar investment deal (they have now raised 80 million to date).

Borya Shakhnovich, CEO at airSlate, said to Yahoo! Finance: "airSlate’s no-code ethos requires no technical expertise to use and gives everyone the opportunity to design and implement beautiful, personalized, secure, and digitally-executable customer and employee experiences,” He then added. "Now more than ever, we see huge demand from businesses of all sizes, from very small to enterprise, that need the agility and efficiency of the no-code airSlate platform to drive their business."

Katherine Kostereva, CEO and managing partner of low-code platform provider Creatio, has a similar stance on the subject. Speaking to Information Week, she said: “The demand for IT staff is going to grow, (…) The only way out is to get technology into the hands of the employees of power users and that is exactly what low-code is doing.” She also said to the portal that there are almost one million IT jobs that remain unfilled in the UK alone. So there 's that.

Tools like Kissflow have said similar stuff recently: “This is what you’re actually interested in. Agile organizations and reduced costs mean nothing if you’re not actually getting any work done. Since these no-code apps can be built at a much faster pace, the IT staff aren’t overloaded with requests from every other department. In turn, fewer people are waiting for you so they can get their work done. They’re already making their own apps and working.”

Even banks are starting to consider automation and No-Code solutions to improve in 2021, after a year of COVID-19, according to Forbes.

So what are YOU waiting for?! You can still be ahead of the mainstream and learn new tools and skills, so that when inevitably companies start looking for No-Coders, you are already proficient!

Go ahead, enroll now and start learning!