On Coronavirus and Collaboration

The World is going through a rough time. It could learn a couple of things from the No-Code community.

On Coronavirus and Collaboration

Watchmen, the graphic novel written by Alan Moore and Illustrated by Dave Gibbons, ends with a huge catastrophe that forces world leaders to put aside their differences —and end their wars—, in order to, basically, save humanity. I’m remembering this because…yes, because I’m a huge nerd, but also because of what’s happening with Coronavirus (COVID-19) right now. Although media outlets have taken the issue a bit out of proportion, lots of people are sick, and thousands have died. Hopefully, nations work together to find a cure and contain the virus. Ideally, there shouldn’t be a tragedy or virus to unite the planet.

But I’ll flip the discussion to a brighter side. I hope these giant forces help each other because I have seen that work. I have seen the niche that we are in doing that same thing. The No-Code movement, if something, is helpful to each other. As a rising community, No-Code tools, platforms, blogs, podcasts, and what have you, count on each other to thrive, because we know we can’t do it alone. To paraphrase a shirt I saw on a music video: No one should be an island.

So I want to take this opportunity and give a shout out to the whole gang. I want to give us a pat in the back, because I feel we are doing things as fellow human beings, and not as competitors with an unhealthy thirst for victory. Just take a look at Joshua Tiernan (@Joshua_Tiernan on Twitter. Go give him a follow). The guy is all about collaboration. He made possible a community of more than 1300 makers on Slack, and it keeps on growing everyday. He looks for interesting people to answer AMA’s and is open to basically everything that might help the No-Code movement.

Also, Vlad Magdalin. I mean, it’s obvious. Webflow’s progress and awesomeness has been crucial and highly influential to younger companies like us; it has taken the spotlight responsibly and help to shed some light into other No-Code approaches and startups. That is pretty cool.

And then, there are the makers. I’ve talked about Sarkis before. I’m a huge fan, I don’t care. With his new idea, Sarkis —partnering up with Michael Gill— is giving life to the very thing I’m talking about. Their No-Code Rumble project really looks like something else. He perfectly states it in a tweet:

This looks awesome!

So let’s keep this spirit, and continue to join forces, make more things available to the whole planet, and expand the movement. I wish the world in its current state could learn a thing or two from you guys.

In the midst of these bleak and somber days, I’d like to give a toast to you.