On Getting Help

No-Code Sep 07, 2020

The Beatles said it, so it must be true: we get by with a little help from our friends.

Sometimes people have a lot on their plates. And I mean that: a LOT! That's especially true for young entrepreneurs who're just starting to work on their projects and are doing almost everything by themselves. Perhaps they have a couple freelancers doing some design work, or a voice over for a video, but that's it. Personal life? who is she? I don't know her. Leisure? get out of here. Family? They're just some people bugging me to get some sleep and actual lunch. Losers.

But the truth is we need all of the above. We're not just young entrepreneurs starting to work on our projects. We are human beings with emotional and social wants and needs and, sure, we have to put 110% to our dreamed endeavors, but we can't forget to actually live, both in the surviving sense —getting sleep and eating well—, and in the social sense —having a chat with someone who thinks MVP only stands for Most Valuable Player—.

Enter: HELP!

Wow, this turned out to be heavy on The Beatles references and I didn't intend for that, please believe me. But yes, help. When you're losing grasp on your personal life, that's when you'll have to figure a way to get some help and lighten the load. Ideally, you'll do that earlier so that you don't reach that point, but for some, starting a business can be a lot financially, and getting help can be tough. Hopefully, though, that's when you'll be able to get by with a little help from your friends (who won't charge you in your time of need).

But maybe you are in more stable place with your project. You did the groundwork and it shows. Maybe you can hire someone so that you don't have to do absolutely EVERYTHING? Is that a thing people do? Of course, and there's also a lesson there about letting go and trusting others. Perhaps you can finally let someone take care of the finances. You never liked that. Or you can call someone to take on the social media tasks. How did you even find the time to tweet? Or perhaps you tried, but realized you didn't have the time or headspace to learn how to make the software needed for your project? Well, there are solutions and people willing to help (are we trying to say something here? *Wink).

So be proud of what you've achieved by yourself, but don't be a hoarder. Let others fill in the spaces you're not an expert in. Colabs are not only super fun but also can reveal new dynamics and workflows you won't know until you try, and will be different with every single person. And sometimes, they might mean the difference between make it or brake it. Don't you want to make it?