Some actual results

We let our work talk for us.

Some actual results

We've been blabbing non-stop for a few months now and, well, maybe it is time that we actually show you what you can end up making with our first course on No-Code Web Development.

To do that, we spoke with Alejandra, who recently finished her course on HelloGuru. Check out her results HERE!

We also have a video tour of her Twitter replica:

It looks awesome, right?

And for Alejandra, this part, seeing the resulting product, was a really gratifying moment. "It's amazing to see how something that started as a blank canvas ended up working just like a social network, even with interactions among users", she told us. "I never thought that would happen [being able to create websites], much less in such an easy way".

However, there are still some hurdles and things to work around. For her, it was "developing a 'developer logic' (no pun intended). Even when it's true that you don't have to write code, you do have to understand how flows work, as well as the actions you are 'programming'". And that is 100% true. That process, although challenging, is completely achievable during the course you are completing. Alejandra certainly did.

Plus, that's a knowledge she can now use for her work or her daily life. "Right now, companies going completely online (or mainly at least) seems imminent, and this type of tools will be on the forefront of a new generation of technological knowledge", wrote Alejandra. "Also", she continues, "getting or keeping a job right now is tough. I think this knowledge will give me the chance to create some income".

So what are you waiting for? First, join Alejandra's 'Twitter' and start a conversation around No-Code there. And second, go now to HelloGuru and start making your own social network!