The Choice

Should YOU be a University guy or a Labs lad?

The Choice

Hi everyone! So, you know that we launched HelloGuru Labs last week, right? (if not, just click here and it'll blow your mind) Well, we wanted to tell you it's been smooth sailing since, and we are already flooded with work, so thanks for the kind reception! It's good to know that you guys liked it and are interested in what we might offer. But let's get something clear, shall we? Should YOU be a University guy or a Labs lad?

Well, if you are trying to make that decision, this entry might be useful for you.

So, let's say you are still studying. Maybe you are about to graduate from high school, or maybe you are in college, but majoring on a non-technical career. That's cool. You are looking to develop some soft skills and make the most out of these times, and software has always caught your eye. You are not looking to start a business yet, and you don't have an idea, but you want to learn the ropes for when the lightbulb turns on.

Maybe that's not the case. Perhaps you ARE an entrepreneur. But you are just starting out. You have a couple of ideas in mind, but you don't want to commit to any just yet. It's too soon. You would like to see them realized somewhere else than in your own head. But after a couple minutes of research on coding bootcamps you learn that it takes too long and it is very expensive. Huge bummer.

Actually, neither of those two might be you, right? We are assuming a lot. Maybe you are just a person who has time but not a lot of money. Maybe you are interested in tech-y stuff and would like to see if an idea sticks after learning about the 'technical' things. Maybe you are a UI/UX designer wanting a little more independence from traditional developers.

If that is the case, HelloGuru University is what you need. We provide affordable courses (more will be available very soon) on No-Code tools so you can learn how to create your dream project on your own without writing a single line of code. You can start now for free here!

But we haven't covered everything yet, have we? There are other cases that might be applicable to you that didn't fit the ones we just showed above.

Are you an entrepreneur with an established business already? Well, kudos to you! That means you achieved a certain amount of success with something you know works. Maybe you want to take that to the next level: you want a website, or an e-commerce, or an app. And look, you made a business out of nothing, so you are already someone to look up to. But perhaps you are not the savviest with technology, and that is alright, you are good with other stuff.

Maybe you are just starting out, but have an idea set in your mind and, unfortunately, it's hard to hire people, financially and because of the current state of your project. But you are in a state where you can afford a couple 'bucks. You can get those first gears moving, you get your project set and then IT'S ON.

Or what if you are just someone with a huge idea? The next iPhone, the next Tesla. You actually talked with some potential investors and they are intrigued, but they need to see something more than just your words or pencil sketches. You don't want to miss your chance and you have no time to learn how to be proficient in several tools to start making work your project.

That's when HelloGuru Labs kicks the door and saves the day. With Labs, you can answer a short survey with what you think your project might need, and after a couple of weeks and a very affordable price, you can start managing your new software! You will take your business to the next level, all with a No-Code approach. Don't miss it, just click here!

So there you go. Did we miss anything? Let us know what you think of Labs, and keep your eyes peeled for more courses on University.

See you next time!