The HelloGuru Values

The HelloGuru Values
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Since the inception of HelloGuru in 2019 our mission has been clear, unlock human potential through technology. Every single task we do is oriented towards that goal, and every day, each one of our team members works hard to achieve it.

That said, there are some fundamental principles by which we guide ourselves, and are embedded in the way in which we work individually and collectively. This is what we call The HelloGuru Values. But why are these important?

Well, from a purely business perspective, having clear values allows the HelloGuru team to guide their actions in a way that results can be achieved. Like any company, we are a group of people, a community, and having shared values is important so that focus remains constant among all members of the group.

Now, company values, or corporate values are not something you write on a Notion document and everyone forgets about. It definitely shouldn’t be the type of thing you give a new-hire as part of their onboarding process and then they never see again. Absolutely, not.

Your company values are something you must practice every single day and reinforced consistently to the members of your team. Mention them in Slack, during company meetings, documents and anywhere you can. The best way to do this is to align anything you’re doing with a value and say it explicitly.

Moreover, values are not only crucial in the internal affairs of your organization, they can also benefit you externally. Recruiting is a great example. Candidates look at company values to see if they align with them before they apply. The more clear and significant your values are, the better candidates you will get. Additionally, when you're in the early stages of your company, values are also considered to some extent by investors, as they portray the culture a founder wants to create.

HelloGuru: What makes us unique
At HelloGuru we unlock human potential by allowing our users to enrich, consolidate and sync their data to their existing systems without writing a single line of code.

We’re now going to give you a quick overview of The HelloGuru Values, the driving force behind everything we do here:

Radical Clarity

We need to execute rapidly and well. Therefore, if there is something that needs to be said or done in order for things to go smoothly, please say it. Feedback is encouraged, and the more honest the better, Of course, always within the boundaries of it being respectful and actionable,

We believe that everyone has the right and responsibility to express themselves in regards to all decisions that are being made. Don’t sugarcoat it, just say it, plain and simple. In fact, we believe that if you definitely disagree with something and don’t say anything, the end result will be more detrimental than if you had said something.

Moreover, we want everyone at HelloGuru to be the best they can be, and achieve their full potential. That’s why we want clear and honest feedback about what we can all do better. We want all HelloGuru members to improve every day in what they want to do.


We are a completely remote company, and spread across various countries around the world. At times, we’re in different timezones, and try to do most of our work asynchronously. When these conditions exist, we must be able to have complete reliability and trust on each other.

We trust the team to set high standards but reasonable expectations, allowing them to meet deadlines as expected. Plus, considering that we do things asynchronously and with a great degree of freedom we trust that everything that needs to be done will in fact occur.

Trust is the most important asset we have, but there’s a caveat. It’s earned in drops, and lost in buckets, so in order for things to work out, it is crucial that we can rely on each other. That said, we know life gets in the way, and things happen. Not everything will go as expected.

We’re humans, and going back to our previous principle of “Radical Clarity,” if you need help with a task, someone to cover you in a client meeting or whatever else, be transparent and ask for help. We believe that relying on each other is what makes us stronger.

Results Driven

Every action we take should drive results daily, and this includes every single area of the company, no one is excluded from this. We like to set clear and measurable goals every week that will lead us to our more strategic goals. If an action doesn’t drive results, it’s better not to do it and actually focus on something else that does.

We celebrate the small wins. We know that we won’t be the company we want to be overnight, but we can surely be proud of ourselves about each step forward we take. We’re in for the long-run and every win will compound to become what we envision.


We believe in the future of work. The 9-5, synchronous way of work is dead. Work is now flexible both in terms of place and time. Time-off is also sacred, in fact, it is needed for all of us to recharge our batteries and do our best, which is why we’ve also opted in to offer unlimited vacation here at HelloGuru.

Now, as Uncle Ben once told Peter Parker, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” The fact that we have freedom also means that we deliver great work and meet expectations. Freedom is an advantage, and something we must respect. That said, it also forces us to trust each other even more, as we trust everyone is responsible to make sure everything will continue running smoothly whenever they are away.


Empathy refers to the ability of putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. It means that we take aside our internal feelings and try to understand as much as possible how someone else views a certain situation. This is important because it allows us to act appropriately and take the right actions.

Our empathy goes beyond being empathetic with our teammates. We must practice it with every single stakeholder of this company, employees, customers, investors, partners and vendors, no one is left behind when it comes to empathy. In the end, this what will create a great work environment to build the company we wish to be.

What are your Company Values?

If you’re reading this, you probably work at a company that already has its own values and principles that guide how you act. What are these values and why are they important to you?

We’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to chat with us about values or have questions about HelloGuru simply write to us at