The power of No-Code during de COVID-19 Crisis

A shoutout to No-Coders, builders and helpers around the world trying to ease our lives during these hard times.

The power of No-Code during de COVID-19 Crisis

All right, let’s do this! This will not be another mopey text with a bleak commentary on how the world is falling apart (though I’m really worried but—No! Stop it!). Today’s entry will be a shoutout to No-Coders, builders and helpers, working hard to bring aid or joy to the rest of us. This will be a list of some websites and webapps —all made using No-Code tools— that might help you in your time of need...or maybe it will distract you for a portion of the day, which might be very valuable too!

So let’s begin, shall we?

Corona Test

This website, built with, brings useful information about COVID-19, stating some facts, debunking some myths, and explaining how to flatten the curve, among other stuff. The most interesting part, however, is the test it presents. The idea is for you to know how likely you are to have COVID-19. This might be particularly useful for a younger portion of our readers, who could be asymptomatic but still be carriers of the disease, which might put at risk the people around them. Check it out, but also be responsible and check with a healthcare professional if you think you could have the virus.

WFH Manual

This next one is for those of you who recently had to change your office routine for a remote work regime. WFH (which stands for ‘Work From Home’) Manual states it best in their No-Code made landing page: “Change is hard especially when times are tough. But sometimes change is necessary for the greater good. Many people around the world have started to work from home and some of them are new to the game and some have pro-level experience. WFH Manual is here to help the newbies to embrace this change. Balancing your life and your remote work is hard. This guide is packed with tips, tricks, tools and best practices that will help you build systems and make you productive and effective”.

So there you go. Give it a try.


Are you fortunate enough that you have the time, the resources, and the ability to start a new entrepreneurial project, but you’re not sure about what? Perhaps this website might be of some use. Trends gives the latest trends (duh) to discover new markets and ideas. Plus, you can get exclusive weekly trends if you subscribe to their email list. Go ahead!


I love this one. It’s just so fun and wholesome. And an actually great idea. Cuppa, made in Webflow, lets you ‘grab a coffee with interesting people from Twitter’ and I think that’s something we took for granted a lot before this days of social distancing. Coffee was just a way to spend some time. Well now it can help you if you’re feeling anxious, depressed or perhaps just lonely. You can do 1 on 1’s or join a group with up to other three people. Give it a shot!

Oh and it has lovely illustrations!

NoCode GIFs

This one is super niche. I know. But sometimes we need good old specific fun, don’t we? Take a look to some of these gifs made by and for the No-Code community and perhaps you might use them for your social media once you launch your No-Code made project. Why not?

Channels Stack

This one is a fantastic idea. What Channels Stack did was curate a large amount of educational content from YouTube —I’m talking videos about Technology, Business, Lifestyle, Creative expressions—, and recommend them through the website. This way you can spend your social distancing days learning lots of stuff for free, without scrolling for days and days through YouTube.


Ok. We all know that in these stay home days or weeks exercising might become something a lot harder for some people. But maybe you can strengthen your exercise habits with an app like Pemvee —created using Glide— which tries to do just that by connecting exercising routines with your friends and keeping track of your workout history, so that it is harder to quit, even on these days. Get up now, plan some push-ups with your friends!

So there you go. Some ideas made with No-Code tools that might ease these hard times. Perhaps some of them inspire you to create your own solution to a difficulty you or your loved ones are having right now. Who knows?

Best of lucks during these days, and remember: Stay home (if you can), and stay safe.