The Product Manager Christmas List

Product Manager Dec 21, 2021

Christmas is almost here, and everybody deserves a present under the tree. Product Managers have a pretty fun role, but a complicated one too, and there’s a lot of things they’d like to put on their Christmas wish list to make 2022 an even better year.

At HelloGuru, we took the time to ask numerous Product Managers across the globe what they would put on their Christmas list this year, and their answers were at many times similar, so there’s definitely some low hanging fruit for everyone working around PMs; some easy ways to make them happy. :)

Check this out and see if you would want any of these yourself! And if we missed anything, let us know on Twitter!

Fewer pointless meetings

Product Managers are drowned in meetings, many of which are unnecessary and might hinder them from doing actually valuable work.

The ask is very simple: before scheduling a meeting with a PM, think about what you wish to accomplish with it and if you could do the same through a well-written email, over slack, or even better, a short video.

Concrete and timely feedback

Product Managers receive feedback both from external and internal stakeholders. But that feedback is not always clear, and sometimes ends up being just a bunch of empty words that don’t provide actual outcomes.

Also, feedback is not given at the right time, sometimes arriving when it’s already too late. So if the other parties could be mindful of timing, that’d be great!

Senior Management asking “when can we have this” without thinking it through

Product Managers love purposeful feedback, and hearing your ideas. Every input is valuable. Nonetheless, think about what you ask when you put in a feature request. Just because one customer mentions it, that doesn’t mean it is a pain for everybody; just because it is cool, it doesn’t mean it’s feasible in a short period of time.

Alignment with sales

Sales and Product Managers are on the same team. They both need the product to succeed on the market. However, they are not always aligned. Their common goal is sometimes lost in the way of PMs meeting deadlines and Sales reps making their quota, and sometimes discussions and unnecessary conflict arises. Product Managers want leaders to think about ways in which both teams can get aligned, so that they feel empathy for each other, and work towards the same goal.

No AWS downtimes please

Alright, we know this doesn’t apply to all PMs, but to the ones that it does, it’s a pretty painful situation. If AWS is down, like it did in early December, their hands are pretty tied, and there’s a lot of daily operations Product Managers can’t perform.

Never be called a Project Manager again

A pet peeve that is as old as fire, and something Product Managers ask for every year. And it is not that Product Managers hate Project Managers, not at all, in fact, they care deeply for them, and appreciate all their work, but they are simply different roles. Just think of when someone keeps pronouncing your name slightly wrong, it’s not harmful or ill intentioned, but it can be extremely annoying.

So for the sake of the holiday season we want to give you as a present a clear differentiation between the two roles, which we take from our great friends at ProductPlan. A Product Manager is in charge of the development of products, whereas a Project Manager is in charge of overseeing the execution of those development plans.

Easily accessible data

A Product Manager’s job revolves around data, and there’s definitely lots of it. However, it’s not always particularly accessible, lives in disparate data sources and to be able to visualize it PMs have to write SQL, which is pretty obnoxious considering we’re in the No-Code revolution.

This is a pretty big pain point, but we’re glad to say that at HelloGuru we can help with that. Our No-Code tool enables Product Managers to aggregate data from disparate sources in a single place and create visualizations without the hassle of writing SQL or without the help of a technical resource.

We’re almost ready to show it to the public, but you can enter our waitlist using this link!

In the case you can’t wait and want to get a sneak peek ASAP, just book a demo with us right here.