There's a New HelloGuru Website!

HelloGuru Sep 08, 2021

HelloGuru is all about evolution. About progress, innovation, technology and, of course, No-Code. That’s why we are taking the next step towards a new HelloGuru, and that first step is our brand new website. “But why have a new website?” you ask. Well, let us explain.

From the very start, we’ve been focused on the democratization of knowledge around No-Code technologies. In order to do that, we started creating courses on different No-Code tools and skills, so that people could communicate with their computers much more efficiently.

APIs Course
Learn what are APIs, what they do, and how you could use them in a practical scenario.

The next evolutionary stage (while still having the courses, of course) was to get to see how people —how companies, actually—used No-Code tools in their working environment and how these could be improved, or what was lacking for the humans using the tools. During this stage we created software for various organizations and became experts in the field. We knew the tools, and now we were using them in real-life scenarios, making the most of them and using every single bit we could of each platform.

And with every step we took, we knew the end-game would be what is now our main focus. We tested No-Code tools, we worked with them, we taught people how to use them. It was only a matter of time until we decided that the time was right to start working on our own technological product: our own No-Code tool.

We believe No-Code is disruptive. We know it has been a game changer and that what we are seeing now is only the tip of the iceberg. That’s why we have taken this journey without skipping any steps, while experiencing No-Code at its fullest.

Now, it’s time we give back.

We won’t spoil too much, but if you head over to our new website, you’ll see we are on the works of building a No-Code tool from the ground up. And that it will allow you to build internal tools for your business.

Why internal tools? Well, Felipe Abello, our founder, has this to say:

“Currently, no big No-Code platforms are tackling these four major issues at once: flexibility in the UX/UI, power and complexity in back-end operations, data integrations with existing data sources, and offering top-notch security and infrastructure. Even with the abundance of No-Code alternatives today, companies still spend billions of dollars creating their internal systems. No option allows them to rely on just one platform to develop and maintain heavily.”

So get to it, visit our new site and get early access to our tool. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.