What Comes Next?

A few tips from the past to help you get going with your business.

What Comes Next?

Ok ok ok. So you actually made a choice and went to HelloGuru Labs to get your software done. Awesome! We are super flattered, dear hypothetical user! But... now what? You have your website, or your e-commerce, or your app, and what are the next steps?

Well, as Aaron Burr said to Alexander Hamilton (probably), let me offer you some free advice… In the form of past blog entries that you might have missed (ha! snuck another Hamilton reference there).

Four lessons for new businesses

All of these come from the hyper popular game "Among Us", and are reminders of things we might have in the back of our heads but don't put enough to practice. You should rely on your team —and they should be able to rely on you—, you MUST plan and coordinate ahead, you should be accountable for what you do —wrong or right—, and of course, you should fake it 'till you make it, even if it is in a small proportion. But hey, read the whole thing here.

Five tools to Improve Your Business

Here we give you a hand with things that aren't necessarily related to what we do, but that will definitely improve your experience as an entrepreneur. Check out the five tools we recommend, try them, and let us know what you think of them. Sounds like a plan? Read the article here.

Do the boring stuff

This isn't the most exciting advice, I know. But now that we handled the software development part for you, maybe you can give some love to those boring but crucial finances, or planing out a new phase for the business. I don't know. But now that your hands are not full, try spending some time with the parts you don't like about your project. And don't lie, there are always unpleasant parts. The important part is to keep pushing through. Read the entry right here.

On Remote Working

Hey, I don't know who you are or where you are from, so this one might be an obvious advice if you, perhaps, I don't know, maybe, noticed the GLOBAL PANDEMIC from the last eight months or so. But here's the thing, with or without Covid-19, remote working is a very safe way to start a business, both in terms of finances and in terms of employee satisfaction. Or do you miss the two hour commute to and from your office? Read the whole thing here.

So what do you think? I believe for now, that should be enough. But expect more in the next few weeks. And we would love some feedback from you. Any advices on how to run new businesses (leaning more towards tech stuff)?

See you next week!