What inspires you to create?

What will you make once you know how to use No-Code tools?

What inspires you to create?

I’m a man of hobbies. I like to play guitar, I like reading, I like illustration. And those hobbies are very related to creativity and a creative mind set. By playing guitar you can end up writing a song, by reading a lot you can end up writing, and by drawing or painting you can make, well… a drawing or a painting. You get my point. But how do you get there? How do you go from learning “All the Small Things” on guitar, to writing your own song or your own album even? How does one create? I pose this question to you as well because you are interested in learning how to use No-Code tools in order to create something, to make something that wasn’t there before.

So, in short. How do we get inspired to create?

This entry is not so much a tips listicle, as a question in which I’ve pondered over a lot lately. What gets the creative juices going? Is there a scientific method for it in which each and everyone of us can just enter the ‘creative zone’?  I’m going to share with you my process and what happens to me, and I would love to hear from you as well.

Before one gets to create, one must want to make something. And my usual inspiration source is other people’s work. I think is that simple. Nothing gets me more excited to try to make my own thing as getting very excited for the mere existence of something that is so good you can’t believe it. Plus, it’s a wholesome thing to think: that if you make something, you’ll make someone so happy that they will try to create their own stuff.

I’ll add to that another thing: inventiveness. Specially with music, I get super excited when I listen to something and don’t know how it is done. Figuring that out and discovering new ways to do things is super inspiring, reconnects you to your passion in ways you didn’t know existed, and well, I think that applies to every field: How did they make this app responsive with these kind of images? How did the writer do to make such a compelling yet repulsive character? I like that a lot.

This type of crazy stuff inspire me a lot. And I don't know half of the things this guy's doing. Again: Inventiveness

And I also like the unexpected, and for this I recommend to go with the flow and not ignore your guts. A few months ago I was writing this song, kind of in a video game vibe. I thought, “It’d be awesome if this was accompanied by an animation or some video game footage”. I wanted that to be true so badly, that I just forced myself to learn how to animate, and even if I didn’t make a whole video game or an animated show, I learned a skill I didn’t know before and I created a small animation for myself. And it was super cool to create something in such an unexpected way.

But let’s get into creation. Despite loving the arts and being constantly involved with them, I have a very hard time creating stuff. I can play guitar for hours just jamming and learning other people’s stuff, I can read and be delighted by other people’s ideas, and I can replicate other people’s illustrations. I think I can flex those muscles pretty frequently but it is more unusual for me to go like, “I have this idea for a short story” and write it.

So the thing that happens to me is to have an initial ‘aha’ moment but never actually execute it. I would be like, “I have this idea for a short story…but nevermind. There must be something similar already written, probably better”. And let me tell you, I’m probably right. BUT, that shouldn’t stop me —or you— from doing what I have in mind. John Mayer —who I sometimes like, sometimes not that much— once said: “It’s my failure to sound like my heroes that’s allowed me to sound like myself.” I think that is very liberating. You will probably have someone in mind as an influence and you will try to imitate stuff they have already done, but unless you blatantly plagiarize them, it won’t be the same, and in that difference will be your personal stamp.

So don’t overthink it and start working on your stuff. Don’t know what’s your stuff? Start by all the things you already love. Anyway, that’s just me, so what about you?