What is No-Coding?

Little by little, No-Code tools are taking over the world. Learn why and how to make the most of them here!

What is No-Coding?

If you’re reading this, you probably already have a vague idea of what No-Code is, and maybe, you know what Coding is. But most certainly, you already have a drive to tackle your way to the digital world: perhaps with a dating app that matches with you depending on your zodiac sign, with a web page to promote your edible underwear thriving business, or with bots that may answer some doubts about your pet funeral services company.

And, honestly, who are we to judge?

Most likely, you’ve also been doing some research on the costs of hiring developers for this undertaking, or on the time it takes to learn code to do it yourself. And we know, the findings of this investigation are not what you were expecting. After all, that’s why you are here, right? To find an alternative to the old ways of software development. And, trust us, you are in the right spot.

This is you, trying to learn JAVASCRIPT.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and go back to that alternative we just mentioned. What’s it all about? Enter: No-Code.

The No-code movement is based on a wide variety of platforms (some of them completely free for anyone to use) able to satisfy all your software development needs. Their whole philosophy is based on not needing to learn computer languages in order for people to create apps, bots, web pages or basically anything that lives through software. And to avoid the use of code, this No-Coding platforms rely on graphic interfaces where you can actually see what you are doing, instead of writing it and simultaneously praying to god for it to turn out how you intended.

This is you, using No-Code tools.

With No-Code you can handle complex data management, have visual cues of your landing page from the earliest development stages, you can manage payments and subscriptions, you can automate analogue processes, and so much more. And even when companies like Wix or WordPress have been crucial in the development and innovation of No-Code tools, today’s movement goes way beyond your average blog creator. The power available in platforms such as Bubble, Airtable, Webflow and Draftbit, to name a few, will lead you to places you didn’t even know existed.

Sure, you will still have to learn stuff like what is a Front-end or Back-end, when and how should you use APIs, and how drag-and-drop interfaces work. But fear not, we got your back. That’s what’s HelloGuru is for, and we won’t let you down.

HelloGuru, like any good idea, was born out of necessity, out of need: the need to go faster, to do more, to be able to do it yourself. After discovering the power behind these No-Code tools, we couldn’t contain ourselves and had the idea to share it with the world and teach them all in one place. We want to be the epicenter of No-Coding. With Helloguru, not only are we saving you the time you would spend learning how to code, but we are also saving you the hours you would spend scrolling through YouTube looking for the right tutorial and failing at it.

In our site you will find everything you need to develop your software idea. You can make your web page in a matter of hours, update it or make adjustments in only a few minutes, design CMS or CRM — or learn what CMS or CRM are and why you might need them — , get to know how to program bots to answer some frequently asked questions from your site, and create the app you have dreamed about for months. You will learn to be the digital genius you wanted to be.

To you, future software guru! We salute you.